Optimized for dental professionals


QuietOn benefits in the dental care

  • Certified hearing protector device (EN352)
  • Very efficient in low and high frequency noise conditions
    (reduction up to 40dB)
  • Small and easy to use, no wires, no settings
  • Extra long battery life: 50 hours on a single charge.
    Re-charge in 1 hour.
  • Hygienic and safe, no electromagnetic interference
  • Allows communication with patient and staff
  • Decreases noise and the daily stress
  • Increases focus during dental treatments
  • Increases wellbeing by reducing exposure to constant noises
  • Patient use: decreases scary noise and stress

Dental professionals (dentists, hygienists, technicians etc.) are exposed to constant and/or irregular dental noise from several sources. Various studies show evidence of the hearing damages caused by dental noise. And yet, this problem is often ignored, simply because we tend to get used to these noises. But the damaging effects remain.

QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs are smart and certified hearing protector devices from Finland.

By reducing harmful noise levels while enabling communication during treatments, they are optimal for dental use.

Occupational hearing damage risk group:
Dental professionals

Dental professionals are exposed to often simultaneous dental noise, typically generated by noise sources like: high-speed handpiece; high and low speed suction; ultrasonic scaler; handpiece maintenance; autoclave, milling machine.

85dB(A) as daily or weekly average exposure is a commonly recommended limit for hearing protection. Risk for hearing damage increases rapidly above 90 dB(A) exposure. The noise levels in a dental clinic are typically between 66-91dB, but momentary noises may exceed 100dB.

If you want to prevent hearing damages, decrease noise-related stress and improve your, and also your patients’ wellbeing, QuietOn is your optimal long-time companion.

This chart illustrates reduction levels of dental noise while using QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs or custom-moulded earplugs. Dental tools produce noise in different frequencies. The highest noise levels (dB) may vary between different tool brands and therefore it is only possible to compare noise reduction levels.

QuietOn performs best for low and high frequency noises. Human speech is of mid-frequency level where the reduction level is moderate and it is therefore possible to communicate with patient and staff while wearing QuietOn earplugs.

Also inaudible noises can cause hearing damage over time. Ultrasonic scaler is an example of a dental tool generating noise mostly around 30kHz frequency which is beyond human hearing range (20Hz-20kHz). Further scientific studies are needed to explore the effects of these very high or very low frequency noises to human audition.
INIRC/IRPA are recommending the following limits for occupational hearing protection:
• 16Hz-20kHz: limit 75dB
• Ultrasounds 25-100kHz: limit 100dB

QuietOn Dental Package


Dental package includes:


  • One pair of QuietOn earplugs
  • Charging case and charging cable
  • One pair of black Comply foam eartips (M)
  • 4 pairs of blue silicone eartips (larger)
  • 4 pairs of green eartips (smaller)
  • Retention cord without clip
  • User manual