Protect your hearing

While enabling conversation with patients

for dentists, hygienists and patients

Speech – friendly hearing protector


  • Small, hygienic and easy to use
  • Decrease the stress level brought by continuous noise
  • Make it easier to focus during demanding work phases
  • Allow dentists to work for the whole week on a single charge with 50-hour battery life
  • Patients can wear the earplugs as well, for better treatment experience

QuietOn earplugs are optimized for dental personnels to protect their hearing which is vulnerable in constantly noisy environments at clinics or laboratories. Studies have shown that dental laboratory equipment and devices such as dental hand pieces, ultrasonic scalers, almagamators, or high speed evacuation produce sounds ranging from different levels, which can cause damage to hearing over time. The earplugs are simple, independent of smartphone, and coupled with 50 hours of battery life, making it a perfect companion for dentists, hygienists and patients. The dental package is as in the pictures below.

What do dentists say about quieton earplugs


We don’t usually mind low-frequency noises because they are subtle, in contrast to high frequency ones. However, these bass noises have a noticeable impact on our cognitive abilities in the long run and obviously working performance in the moment. Mid and high frequencies are usually reduced by structures like building and walls, but not so with low frequency noises.

“After having tried QuietOn I wanted the device to protect my hearing. Noise reduction feels nice and makes it easier to focus on my work”

Päivi Jussila | Dentist, Finland

”QuietOn quiets down the annoying noises, while I’m still able to speak with the patient. I also like to wear QuietOns while studying and writing, i.e. in exams.” Jaana sverloff | Nurse and dental student, Finland

”After using QuietOn for three weeks I can tell QuietOn effectively cancels the background noises during dental treatment and does not disturb communication with nurse or patient. I also find them excellent while driving!”

Ville Partanen | Dentist, Finland

The average noise exposure during dental treatments is 76 dB (A) and momentarily 86 dB(A). The noise level of an ultrasonic scaler can reach even 107 dB (A). This can potentially harm one’s hearing. With active noise cancelling ability up to 40 dB, QuietOn effectively reduces the noise at dental clinics, while enabling communication between staff and patients.


QuietOn earplugs are optimized for dental use with strong noise reduction while enabling conversations with the patients. The above chart further illustrates the peak frequency examples of common dental clinic noise sources. QuietOn earplugs work well with low frequencies and are optimal in high frequency sounds.