About the earplugs

Use cases and performance

1. For what kind of noise situations is the product designed for?
The passive part of the noise cancellation works as a normal passive earplug. In addition to that QuietOns has built-in active noise cancellation, which is very effective at attenuating noises below 1 kHz in frequency. Some examples of these low frequency noise are music or traffic sounds coming through the walls, engine sound or the humming noise of an airplane cabin.
2. Can I listen to music with QuietOn earplugs?
No. The earplugs are intended for reducing noise. There is no Bluetooth or any other radio connection and music playback is not supported.
3. Can I sleep with QuietOns?
When product fits in to person’s ears anatomy even sleeping is possible. Please note that this isn’t applicable for all and depends how well the device fits to your ear.
4. Is QuietOn able to minimize the effects of tinnitus (ringing inside the ears)?
Staying in a noisy environment might make tinnitus worse afterwards. Therefore, we think QuietOn with its good noise reducing capabilities can work as a preventive action. On the other hand, tinnitus becomes more noticeable in silence, so the earplugs might not help if your ears are already ringing. QuietOn isn’t able to turn tinnitus off because according to our understanding it isn’t real noise but an error signal inside the head.
5. What are the QuietOn's earplug's benefits compared to normal earplugs?
Normal earplugs are not able to block low frequency noises. QuietOn is able to reduce low these low frequency noises.
6. Plugs have constant beeping sound when sleeping?
If you hear the beeping sound while sleeping, it means that plug’s acoustic canal is blocked and the beep test sound is hearable. It is possible that the tip is not in the correct position on the plug or the device is not in the right angle in the ear and it moves a bit. You can try find a better position for the device. You can also try to test the silicon tips, those are less sensitive to cause beeping sound.
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