Ear tips and charging

1. What are the differences between different tips included in the box?
QuietOn comes with one pair of black Comply Foam tips and two pairs of silicone tips. Silicone tips have two different sizes –  green ones are smaller and blue ones are larger. Silicone tips are also more durable, while the Comply Foam tips wear out after a while. Comply foam tips that are made of proprietary memory foam material and have been specially designed for QuietOn and bring around 5dB extra attenuation. QuietOn comes with size M Comply foam tips.
2. How long does it take to charge QuietOns?
QuietOns are pre-charged at our factory. Charging takes typically less than an hour. Blue indicator lights turn off when charging is completed
3. How long does the battery last?
QuietOn battery lasts 50 hours on a single charge.
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